I'm all about the little pictures

Some say they're all about the big picture. They throw a focus group and some stats at you and say that's it. I say that's not a picture at all.

Having fingers on the pulse of the world. Being genuinely interested in people and their psyche. Having understanding towards finest detail. Those are some of the essential but often forgotten building blocks of a big picture. It's a mosaic, not a spreadsheet. And if you don't see or respect those little pictures, you can't truly master the big one.

I'm a creative thinker and designer with more than 20 years of experience. I work both with creative agencies and selected clients of my own. Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design & Film are my forte. From logos and identities to brand strategy and film. I grew up in advertising, I was educated in film and I'm an entrepreneur at heart.


Wolf German / Creative, Designer