Sponsorship of the Year Award

SJTM Finland awarded the cooperation of Snowboarder Antti Autti and the Finnish Oil Refining Company Neste with The Sponsorship Of The Year Award 2017. 


In 2012, I sat down with Antti Asumaa and Henri Kunnas to design a concept for potential cooperation between an oil company and a famous snowboarder. A shotgun wedding you might think. However, by finding abundant common values and goals between the two, we managed to write the vows. It was a script for a TV commercial that encapsulated the concept and laid out the foundation and starting point for this now awarded long lasting cooperation. 

There's no greater joy in my profession than to create a perfectly functioning concept: A cornucopia that blossoms year after year with new ideas and ways to reach the audience. And in the capable hands of Pulp Agency and the good people of Neste, it flourished.


Wolf Virkki
Antti Asumaa
Henri Kunnas

AGENCY: Pulp Agency