Boomer Sooner Light Writing With Lightsabers

The art of the lightsaber with a  Yongnuo Light Wand .

The art of the lightsaber with a Yongnuo Light Wand.

After working with Fifth Ring Houston to create a new visual identity for the energy programs of Price College of Business, there's a fresh current to a career within the energy industry.

Long exposure is an old trick in a photographer's bag but still manages to capture the imagination and wonder in all of us. Combining abstract free flowing motion of light with the traditional looking campus, we created a stunning backbone for the new identity.

One of the most invigorating parts of the design process was creating the imagery. We literally ran around the campus for two nights with 'lightsabers' to portray the powerful and radiant energy that you find within the University. And when students harness that energy, Real Energy Leaders are born.

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